Hilary Swank (1974 - )
Ex-Mrs. Chad Lowe
Boys Don't Cry (1999) [Brandon Teena]: Shot under the chin by Brendan Sexton III at Alicia Goranson's home, while Chloe Sevigny looks on helplessly. (Thanks to Sir Knight, El Kabong, and Ioana)

Million Dollar Baby (2004) [Maggie Fitzgerald]: Injected with an overdose of adrenaline by Clint Eastwood after he removes her breathing tube in the hospital (with her consent), as a mercy killing after she's been paralyzed in a boxing match. (Thanks to Robert, Alex, Hayley, and PortsGuy)

The Black Dahlia (2006) [Madeleine Linscott]: Shot to death by Josh Hartnett in a motel room. (Thanks to Eric, Tom, Jack, PortsGuy, and Gerardo)

Amelia (2009) [Amelia Earhart]: Dies (off-screen) in a presumed plane crash, along with Christopher Eccleston; the movie ends with them flying over the sea while low on fuel, but their disappearance is a well-known historic fact. (Thanks to Tommy)
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Hilary Swank in 'The Black Dahlia'