Hunter Tylo (1962 - )
a.k.a. Deborah Morehart
Ex-Mrs. Michael Tylo
The Initiation (1984) [Alison]: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest by Daphne Zuniga in the mall's security station.

Days of Our Lives (1990; I don't know the exact date) [Marina Toscano Johnson]: Killed by Staci Greason. (Thanks to Johan)

The Bold and the Beautiful (2002; I don't know the exact date) [Dr. Taylor Forrester]: Apparently dies after being taken off life-support in the hospital, after having previously been shot by Kimberlin Brown. (Although this was intended as an actual death scene at the time, Hunter returned to the series in 2005, with the explanation that she hadn't actually died but was simply comatose, and that Kabir Bedi had kidnapped her and left a convincing dummy in place of her "corpse.") (Thanks to Dennis)

They Are Among Us (2004) [June]: Killed when the alien parasites take over her body, some time before the start of the movie; the "alien" Hunter is later destroyed when Michael Orr Hughes absorbs her. (Thanks to Stephen)
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Hunter Tylo in 'The Initiation'