Ida Galli (Evelyn Stewart) in 'Knife of Ice'
Ida Galli (1942 - )
a.k.a. Evelyn Stewart, a.k.a. Isli Oberon
The Fall of Rome (Il Crollo di Roma) (1962) [Licia]: Shot in the stomach with an arrow by a Roman soldier; she dies shortly afterwards as her lover kneels by her side. (Thanks to Franz)

Operation Lady Chaplin (Mission speciale Lady Chaplin) (1966) [Constance]: Shot in the stomach by Mabel Karr, after Mabel grabs Ida's gun after a struggle backstage at a fashion show. (Thanks to Big O)

Desert Assault (La Battaglia del deserto; Desert Battle) (1969) [Jane]: Shot in the head (off-screen) by British agents after they discover that she's betrayed them to the Nazis. Her body is shown afterwards when Robert Hossein discovers her. (Thanks to Johan)

The Case of the Scorpion's Tail (La Coda dello scorpione; Scorpion's Tail) (1971) [Lisa Baumer]: Throat slit by Luis Barboo, who then slashes her stomach open. (Thanks to Johan)

Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity (I Quattro pistoleri di Santa Trinita) (1971) [Julia]: Shot to death by Peter Lee Lawrence when Ida attempts to shoot him. (Thanks to Johan)

Knife of Ice (Il Coltello di ghiaccio; Silent Horror) (1972) [Jenny Ascott]: Throat slit (off-camera) by Carroll Baker; the scene ends with Ida screaming just before Carroll strikes. Her body is shown afterwards underneath a car in the garage. (Thanks to Johan)

Murder Mansion (La Mansion de la niebla; Maniac Mansion) (1972) [Martha Clinton]: Shot to death by Alberto Dalbes; she lands face-first in the fireplace as she falls. (Thanks to Johan)

Spirits of Death (Un Bianco vestito per Mariale) (1972) [Mariale]: Shot to death, along with Ivan Rassimov, by Luigi Pistilli. (Thanks to Andrea)

The Night Child (Il Medaglione insanguinato; The Cursed Medallion) (1975) [Jill]: Pushed off of a cliff and into a waterfall by Nicoletta Elmi. (Thanks to Andrea)
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