Ida Lupino (1914 - 1995)
Louis Hayward
Ex-Mrs. Collier Young
Howard Duff
The Hard Way (1943) [Mrs. Helen Chernen]: Commits suicide by jumping off of a bridge into the river in the opening scene; she is taken to the hospital, then the rest of the movie shows a flashback of her life leading up to the attempt, and she dies at the end of the flashback. (Thanks to Adam)

Devotion (1946) [Emily Bronte]: Dies of tuberculosis/pneumonia, with her sister (Olivia de Havilland) by her bedside.

Lust for Gold (For Those Who Dare) (1949) [Julia Thomas]: Killed in a rockslide, along with Glenn Ford, after Ida stabs Gig Young. (Thanks to Gordon)

Columbo: Swan Song (1974) [Edna Brown]: Killed in a plane crash after Johnny Cash drugs her, then bails out of their private plane while she's unconscious.

The Devil's Rain (1975) [Mrs. Preston]: Dissolved (along with the rest of the cult members) when the Devil's Rain is unleashed on them.

Ellery Queen: The Adventure of the Lover's Leap (1975) [Stephanie Talbott Kendrick]: Pushed from a balcony by Susan Strasberg. (Thanks to Davy)

The Food of the Gods (H.G. Wells' Food of the Gods) (1976) [Mrs. Skinner]: Bitten to death by a giant rat in her kitchen; she manages to kill the rat with a meat cleaver before dying. (Thanks to Johan)
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Ida Lupino in 'Devotion'