Isabel Lucas (1985 - )
Daybreakers (2009) [Alison Bromley]: Burned to death by sunlight, along with several other "subsiders," when soldiers force them out into the light on Sam Neill's orders. (Thanks to Tommy)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) [Alice]: After transforming into her robotic form, she is destroyed when Megan Fox smashes her into a lamppost while Isabel is on the hood of Megan's car. (Thanks to Tommy)

Immortals (2011) [Athena]: Throat slit with her own sickle by a Titan, after she's impaled with a spear and pinned to a wall during the battle. She dies shortly afterwards while talking to Luke Evans. Her body is shown again later on when Luke carries her up to Olympus.

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Isabel Lucas in 'Immortals'