Isa Miranda in 'Twitch of the Death Nerve'
Isa Miranda (1905 - 1982)
Rasputin (Raspoutine) (1954) [Czarina]: I haven't seen this movie myself, so I don't know whether it depicts the Czarina's execution during the Russian Revolution or not. I'm just listing it here on the chance that it does.

Rommel's Treasure (Il Tesoro di Rommel) (1955) [Mrs. Fischer]: Reportedly shot with a spear-gun. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Gadgets66)

Twitch of the Death Nerve (Reazione a catena; Bay of Blood; Antefatto; Carnage; Last House on the Left Part 2) (1971) [Countess Federica Donati]: Hanged by her husband.
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