Jacki R. Chan (1980 - )
a.k.a. Jaclyn Chan
Niece of Darryl Chan
No relation to
Jackie Chan or Jacqui Chan
Crank (2006) [Cocoon Girl]: Shot in the head in the crossfire of a big shoot-out between Carlos Sanz' and Keone Young's gangs, while she's sitting in a plastic bubble on the rooftop. (Thanks to Lynne)

Gamer (2009) [Cocoon Girl]: Shot in the head in the crossfire when Michael C. Hall's men are shooting at Gerard Butler and  Amber Valletta in a crowded nightclub, while Jacki is sitting in a plastic bubble. (Jacki is not identified in the film's credits, but in the US DVD's audio commentary, co-director Mark Neveldine points her out in the scene while noting that she was killed the exact same way in Crank.)
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Jacki R. Chan in 'Gamer'