Janine Reynaud in 'The Case of the Scorpion's Tail'
Janine Reynaud (1930 - )
Michel Lemoine
From Istanbul: Orders to Kill (Da Istanbul ordine di uccidere) (1965) [character name unavailable]: Shot in the stomach by an enemy agent when he steps out of an elevator. (Note: The IMDB doesn't list Janine as being in this movie, but I've been told that this was her.) (Thanks to Big O)

Mission to Caracas (Mission speciale a Caracas) (1965) [Veronique]: Shot to death by an enemy agent, using a gun hidden in a camera, on board an ocean liner. (Thanks to Big O)

Killers Are Challenged (A 077, sfida ai killers; Bob Fleming: Mission Casablanca) (1966) [Halima]: Shot in the chest by Wandisa Guida. (Thanks to Big O)

Operation White Shark (AD3 operazione squalo bianco) (1966) [Frida Braun]: Shot to death in a shoot-out as she gets out of her car on the beach. (Note: I'm not 100% certain this is the right movie; the title my informant gave was The Spy Who Came from the Sea, but I couldn't find that on the IMDB, even as an alternate title. Based on the subject matter, this seems the most likely match for the movie he was describing.) (Thanks to Big O)

Ypotron: Final Countdown (Agente Logan: Missione Ypotron; Operation 'Y') (1966) [Carol]: Poisoned when she scratches her finger on a hidden needle on a briefcase handle. (Thanks to Big O)

Castle of the Creeping Flesh (Im Schloss der blutigen Begierde; Castle of Bloody Lust; Castle of Unholy Desires) (1968) [Vera Lagrange/Baron's Mistress]: Playing a dual role in two different time periods, "Baron's Mistress" is stabbed to death by Howard Vernon in his laboratory. ("Vera" survives the movie.)

The Case of the Scorpion's Tail (La Coda della scorpione; Scorpion's Tail) (1971) [Lara Florakis]: Throat slit by Luis Barboo. (Thanks to Big O and G-Man)

Human Cobras (L'Uomo piu velenoso del cobra; Target: Murder) (1971) [Clara]: Strangled with a cord by Fernando Hilbeck in her bedroom, while Giorgio Ardisson is in the shower; Giorgio then dumps her body in the river in panic after he discovers her. Her body is shown again later on when the police pull her out of the river. (Thanks to Johan)
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