Jasmine Maimone in 'Demons' (1985)
Jasmine Maimone
a.k.a. Jasmine Main
Fearless (Poliziotto senza paura; Fatal Charm; Magnum Cop) (1977) [Renate]: Deliberately hit by a car driven by Werner Pochath as she is on her way to meet Maurizio Merli.

Demons (Demoni) (1985) [Nancy (Horror Film)]: Stabbed repeatedly in the back by Michele Soavi in the film-within-the-film sequence showing in the movie theatre.

Paganini Horror (The Killing Violin) (1989) [Kate]: Reportedly stabbed in the stomach by Donald Pleasence outside the mansion, while Daria Nicolodi looks on impassively. (Thanks to G-Man and Francesco)
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