Jentte Goldstein in 'The Presidio'
Jenette Goldstein (1960 - )
Aliens (1986) [Private Vasquez]: Killed in an explosion when she and William Hope set off one of their own grenades after being trapped by the aliens.

Near Dark (1987) [Diamondback]: Burned to death (along with Lance Henriksen) after being exposed to sunlight.

The Presidio (1988) [MP Patti Jean Lynch]: Shot in the chest by a burglar at a military base. Her body is shown again afterwards while Sean Connery and Mark Harmon investigate the scene.

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) [Officer Meagan Shapiro]: Killed in an explosion after jumping on a swimming-pool diving board that had been rigged with a bomb..

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) [Janelle Voight]: Killed off-screen by the T-2000 robot; we don't see her death or her body, but it's clear from the story that the T-2000 killed her.

Donato & Daughter (Dead to Rights) (1993) [Detective Judy McCartney]: Shot in the stomach by a suspect while chasing him across a rooftop; she dies shortly afterwards with Dana Delany kneeling by her side.

Fair Game (1995) [Rosa]: Stabbed in the stomach when William Baldwin turns her own knife against her at the end of a fight.

Titanic (1997) [Irish Mommy]: Drowned (off-screen) when the ship sinks. We don't see her death or her body, but her final scene makes it clear that she didn't make it onto a lifeboat.

Autopsy (2008) [Nurse Marian]: Dies of shock/blood loss after Jessica Lowndes chops off Jenette's hand with a cleaver at the end of a fight in the hospital corridor.
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