Jennifer Beals in 'Desolation Sound'
Jennifer Beals (1963 - )
Ex-Mrs. Alexandre Rockwell
The Bride (1985) [Eva]: Appears as a dead body at the beginning of the movie before being reanimated by Sting; she survives the rest of the movie. (Thanks to Tommy)

Desolation Sound (2005) [Elizabeth Story]: Falls to her death (off-screen) from the roof during a struggle with Helene Joy, after Jennifer suicidally provokes the fight. We only see the start of the struggle; her body is shown afterwards when Helene brings Lothaire Bluteau down to help. Helene and Lothaire then bury the body in the backyard.

The Grudge 2 (2006) [Trish]: Killed (off-screen) by Takako Fuji's ghost. She suddenly appears in the bathtub after Matthew Knight discovers Sarah Roemer's body, then is pulled back into the water by Takako. (It appears that Jennifer was already a ghost when she appears in the bathtub, but it's open to interpretation.) (Thanks to Frank)
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