Jennifer Garner (1972 - )
Ex-Mrs. Scott Foley
Ben Affleck
No relation to
James Garner
Zoya (Danielle Steel's Zoya) (1995) [Sasha]: Fatally injured in a car accident; she dies in the hospital after being taken off life-support. (Thanks to Charm)

Alias: Conscious (2003) [Sydney Bristow]: In a dream sequence of two "Sydneys" fighting each other, one is shot in the chest by the other. (Thanks to Nemanja)

Daredevil (2003) [Elektra Natchios]: Stabbed in the stomach with her own sai by Colin Farrell, after he first slits her throat by throwing a playing card at her. She dies in Ben Affleck's arms after crawling to his side. (She was brought back to life in the 2005 sequel Elektra.) (The portion of the scene where Colin throws her from the roof was done by stunt performer Danielle Burgio.) (Thanks to Mart, Steve, Nick and Richard)

Alias: Tuesday (2005) [Sydney Bristow]: Suffocated after being buried alive; she is revived when Kevin Weisman performs CPR on her. (This is probably more of a "brink-of-death" scene, but since it's been suggested...) (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Elektra (2005) [Elektra Natchios]: Her body is shown in a flashback following the events of Daredevil, lying dead in the emergency room before being brought back to life through a mystic ceremony by Terence Stamp. She dies once again by being poisoned with a kiss by Natassia Malthe, but is again brought back to life. (Thanks to Scott)

Alias: I See Dead People (2006) [Syndey Bristow/Anna Espinoza]: Playing a dual role as both the real "Sydney" and a surgically-altered look-alike (formerly Gina Torres), the look-alike is shot in the back and head by the real Jennifer just as the impostor is about to shoot Michael Vartan. (Because the impostor was Gina's character being played by Jennifer, I'm listing the scene under both actresses.) (Thanks to Alex and Samuel)
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Jennifer Garner in publicity still from 'Daredevil'