Jennifer Jason Leigh in 'Single White Female'
Jennifer Jason Leigh (1962 - )
Daughter of
Vic Morrow and Barbara Turner
The Hitcher (1986) [Nash]: Torn in half after being tied between two trucks by Rutger Hauer.

Buried Alive (1990) [Joanna Goodman]: Buried alive by Tim Matheson, in a grave next to William Atherton's body. The movie ends with her screaming in the coffin; the 1997 sequel Buried Alive II showed her skeleton after the coffin is dug up. (Thanks to Jean and PortsGuy)

Single White Female (1992) [Hedra Carlson]: Stabbed in the back during a struggle with Bridget Fonda.

Kansas City (1996) [Blondie O'Hara]: Shot in the back of the head by Miranda Richardson.

The King Is Alive (2000) [Gina]: Dies of food poisoning after Romane Bohringer gives her a can of spoiled carrots; she dies several days after eating them. (Thanks to Ian)

Crossed Over (2002) [Karla Faye Tucker]: Executed by lethal injection.

Road to Perdition (2002) [Annie Sullivan]: Shot to death (off-screen), along with her son (Liam Aiken), by Daniel Craig. We only hear the shots from outside the house; her body is not shown afterwards.

In the Cut (2003) [Pauline Averey]: Decapitated; her severed head is shown afterwards when Meg Ryan discovers it. (Thanks to Gary and Ian)

Rag Tale (2005) [M.J. Morton]: Commits suicide by hanging herself with a belt from a staircase, after discovering that her husband (Malcolm McDowell) is also her real father. (Thanks to Ian)
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