Jessica Biel's staged death in 'The Illusionist'
Jessica Biel (1982 - )
The Illusionist (2006) [Sophie]: Seemingly slashed across the neck with a sword (off-screen) by Rufus Sewell in the stables; her body is shown afterwards slumped across the horse as it rides off, then again when Edward Norton finds her in the river, and finally lying in the carriage when Paul Giamatti arrives while Karl Johnson is examining her. (It later turns out that the whole thing was staged by Edward, Jessica, and Karl, in order to fake Jessica's death and frame Rufus for her murder; since she wasn't actually dead after all, I wasn't sure whether this counts, but since it's been suggested...) (Thanks to Eric and Veronica)

Next (2007) [Elizabeth 'Liz' Cooper]: Dies in two of Nicolas Cage's visions of the future: (1) Killed in an explosion when Thomas Kretschmann's terrorist team detonate the explosive vest they'd strapped to her. (2) Killed in an explosion, along with everyone else in the area, when the nuclear bomb goes off. Nicolas prevents both of these visions from coming true. (Thanks to Eric and Eddy)
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