Jessica Steen (1965 - )
Daughter of Joanna Noyes
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future: Retribution Part 2 (1988) [Corporal Jennifer 'Pilot' Chase]: Killed in an explosion when she activates the base's self-destruct to destroy the android invaders, after being shot with a ray-gun by the androids. (Thanks to Creepenstein)

Charmed: Ordinary Witches (2005) [Ruth Brody]: Stabbed in the stomach with a clawed glove by one of Peter Woodward's henchmen; shown when Rose McGowan brings Jessica's son (Kerr Smith) into the past to find out what happened. (Thanks to David31)

CSI: Toe Tags (2006) [Detective Donna Basset]: Drowned in a hotel bathtub by Rick Yune, who then drags her out and places her in an elevator. Her body is first shown in the autopsy room as Robert David Hall finishes working on her; after her body is wheeled into the morgue, her ghost tells her story in flashback.

NCIS: Grace Period (2007) [Special Agent Paula Cassidy]: Killed in an explosion when she tackles a suicide bomber and knocks him through a secret doorway, sacrificing herself to save Mark Harmon and several political leaders. (Thanks to Rose)
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Jessica Steen in 'CSI: Toe Tags'