Jill Ireland in 'Violent City'
Jill Ireland (1936 - 1990)
Ex-Mrs. David McCallum
Charles Bronson
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Price of Doom (1964) [Julie Lyle]: Killed by a giant plankton creature as she backs through a hatch while holding the crew at gunpoint. (Thanks to Stephen)

Violent City (Citta violenta; The Family) (1970) [Vanessa Sheldon]: Shot in the head with a sniper rifle by Charles Bronson while riding in a glass elevator; her body is shown again afterwards when the elevator arrives at her office.

From Noon Till Three (1976) [Amanda Starbuck]: Commits suicide by shooting herself. (Thanks to Thomas)

Love and Bullets (1979) [Jackie Pruit]: Shot in the back by a hitman. (Thanks to Robert)
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