Joan Chen in 'The Night Stalker'
Joan Chen (1961 - )
Ex-Mrs. Jim Lau
Tai-Pan (1986) [May-May]: Crushed to death (off-screen), along with Bryan Brown, when the roof falls in during a typhoon; their bodies are shown (in each other's arms) when Tim Guinee discovers them in the rubble. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Night Stalker (1987) [Mai Wing]: Neck snapped (off-screen) by Robert Z'Dar in the back seat of a car; her body is shown afterwards as he paints some mystical symbols on her face.

Wedlock (Deadlock) (1991) [Noelle]: Killed in an explosion when the bomb in her briefcase goes off. (Thanks to Tomek)

Twin Peaks: The Condemned Woman (1991) [Josie Packard]: Dies of fright when she encounters the evil spirit 'Bob' after killing David Warner. Her body is shown afterwards when Michael Ontkean finds her, and her spirit is shown trapped in the reflection on the knob of a chest of drawers. (Thanks to Paul and Johan)

Shadow of a Stranger (1992) [Vanessa]: Killed in an explosion when Emma Samms shoots the fuel tank on the boat while Joan is trying to escape. (Thanks to NG)

Turtle Beach (The Killing Beach) (1992) [Minou]: Accidentally drowned in the ocean while trying to help some refugees to shore.

The Hunted (1995) [Kirina]: Decapitated by John Lone. (Thanks to Tomek)

Judge Dredd (1995) [Ilsa]: Shot in the back by Diane Lane just as Joan is about to shoot Sylvester Stallone.
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