Joanne Linville in 'Scorpio'
Joanne Linville (1928 - )
Mrs. Mark Rydell
Mother of Christopher Rydell and Amy Rydell
One Step Beyond: Moment of Hate (1960) [Karen Wadsworth]: Commits
suicide/sacrifices herself by wishing herself dead, to stop herself from using her
powers to kill John Kellogg. (
Thanks to Stephen)

The Twilight Zone: The Passersby (1961) [Lavinia]: Dies (off-screen) of natural
causes (I can't remember the specific cause) before the start of the episode; we learn
at the end of the episode that she and all the other characters are already ghosts.

Scorpio (1973) [Sarah]: Shot twice in the stomach during a shoot-out with an
intruder on a staircase.