Joan Van Ark in 'Icemaker'
Joan Van Ark dead (with Darin Heames) in 'Icemaker'
Joan Van Ark (1943 - )
Mrs. John Marshall
Mother of
Vanessa Marshall
Icemaker (Diamond Zero) (2005) [Isabella Hemingway]: Accidentally drowned (off-screen) when she drunkenly falls into her swimming pool; her body is shown floating face-down afterwards when Darin Heames and Bronson Pinchot discover her. Darin and Bronson then wrap her body up in a carpet and take her to the laboratory, disposing of the body by "pressurizing" her into an artificial diamond.

Archer: Placebo Effect (2011; animated) [Ruth]: Dies (off-screen) of cancer in the hospital; we learn of her death afterwards when Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) gets the news.

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