Joan Woodbury in 'The Eagle's Brood'
Joan Woodbury dead on floor in 'The Eagle's Brood'
Joan Woodbury (1915 - 1989)
a.k.a. Nana Martinez
Henry Wilcoxon
The Eagle's Brood (1935) [Dolores]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Addison Richards in the saloon office; we only hear the shot from the other side of the door. Her body is shown lying on the floor afterwards when William 'Hopalong Cassidy' Boyd and the others rush in. (Thanks to John)

Here Comes Trouble (1948) [Bubbles LaRue]: Bludgeoned to death (off-screen) by Paul Stanton in her dressing room, while William Tracy is hiding in the closet; her body is shown afterwards when William comes out and discovers her, and again while the police investigate.
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