Jordan Ladd just before her death in 'Cabin Fever' (2002)
Jordan Ladd (1975 - )
Granddaughter of
Alan Ladd
Daughter of
Cheryl Ladd and David Ladd
Stepdaughter of Dey Young
Cabin Fever (2002) [Karen]: Beaten to death with a shovel by Rider Strong, as a mercy killing after she contracts the flesh-eating virus and then gets partially eaten by a dog. (Thanks to Lisa France and Everkelt)

Madhouse (2004) [Sara]: Hacked to death with an axe (off-screen) by Joshua Leonard. The scene ends as he brings the axe down; her body is not shown afterwards. (The DVD includes an alternate ending in which Jordan survives.) (Thanks to Lauren)

Grindhouse (2007) [Shanna]: Thrown through the windshield when Kurt Russell deliberately rams Jordan's friends' car in a head-on collision. (Jordan also has a dual-role cameo as "Judy" in the "Thanksgiving" trailer segment; "Judy" survives the trailer.) (Thanks to Eric, Nick, and ND)

Hostel Part II (2007) [Stephanie]: Although she appears to survive the actual movie, the US DVD includes a deleted scene in which she is slashed to death or decapitated with a power saw (off-screen) by Jeff Rendell; the scene cuts away from Jeff approaching her to a scene of a gardener cutting off a tree limb outside.
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