Josie Davis in 'Navy NCIS: Reveille'
Josie Davis (1973 - )
Mortal Kombat: Conquest: The Serpent and the Ice (1999) [Peron]: Frozen to death when J.J. Perry grabs her by the throat and uses his cold power against her.

NCIS: Reveille (2004) [Marta]: Shot in the head by Rudolf Martin, when Josie grabs a gun and tries to shoot Sasha Alexander. Her body is shown again later on when Mark Harmon views her.

Fear Itself: Family Man (2008) [Kathy Mahoney]: Stabbed to death (off-screen), along with her son (Gig Morton) by Colin Ferguson while Clifton Collins Jr.'s spirit is in Colin's body; her body is shown afterwards when Colin discovers her after being returned to his own body. (Thanks to ND)

CSI NY: Cuckoo's Nest (2009) [Calliope Eckhart]: Shot to death (off-camera) by a gunman in an office building, a few years before the story begins. She had previously appeared as a figment of Skeet Ulrich's imagination in the earlier episode Lat 40 47 N/Long 73 58 W, but it wasn't revealed until this episode that Josie was already dead and that the one we'd seen was imaginary. Her death is shown in a flashback in this episode.

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