Judith Evelyn (dead but re-animated) in 'The Tingler'
Judith Evelyn (1913 - 1967)
Female on the Beach (1955) [Eloise Crandall]: Falls to her death from a balcony when she drunkenly tries to follow Jeff Chandler.

The Tingler (1959) [Martha Higgins]: Literally scared to death when Philip Coolidge subjects her to a series of staged horrors, causing the "tingler" inside her to grow and break her back due to her inability to scream. Her body is then brought to Vincent Price's laboratory, where the tingler escapes after Vincent dissects her; after the tingler is eventually returned to her body, the tingler re-animates her and causes her to sit up, frightening Philip to death in turn.

Thriller: What Beckoning Ghost? (1961) [Mildred Adler Beaumont]: Dies of a heart attack after seeing "herself" (actually Adele Mara in a mask) lying in a coffin, as part of a scheme by Adele and Tom Helmore to literally scare her to death.

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