Judy Loe (Beckinsale) with Michael Palin in 'Ripping Yarns: The Curse of the Claw'
Judy Loe's death in 'Ripping Yarns: The Curse of the Claw'
Judy Loe (1947 - )
a.k.a. Judy Beckinsale
Mrs. Richard Beckinsale
Mrs. Roy Battersby
Mother of
Kate Beckinsale
Ripping Yarns: The Curse of the Claw (1977) [Chief Petty Officer Russell]: Killed in an explosion (along with the rest of the ship's crew except for Michael Palin) when she tries to throw the cursed vulture-claw overboard. (She presumably comes back to life after the curse is lifted and time is turned back; it's not stated that she returns, but since Michael's dead family members are brought back, I'm assuming that everybody else killed by the claw comes back as well.) (Played for comic effect.)

The Moth (1997) [Kate Thorman]: Dies of a heart condition. (Thanks to Brian)

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