Julia Nickson in 'Rambo: First Blood Part II'
Julia Nickson (1958 - )
a.k.a. Julia Nickson-Soul
Ex-Mrs. David Soul
Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) [Co Bao]: Machine-gunned by Vietnamese soldiers as she's crossing a river; she dies in Sylvester Stallone's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Tal)

Amityville: A New Generation (1993) [Suki]: Hanged when a supernatural force compels her to put a noose around her neck; the force then yanks her upwards.

Devil in the Flesh (Dearly Devoted) (1998) [Anna Nakashi]: Hit on the head with a teapot by Rose McGowan, causing her to fall face-first into a dish of dog food. (I'm not sure whether she died from the blow or from suffocation.) (Note: The description I had listed previously was actually a description of J.C. Brandy's death scene.) (Thanks to Billi and Jordan)
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