Julia Stiles (1981 - )
Wicked (1998) [Ellie Christianson]: Bashed on the head with a Mask-of-Comedy sculpture. (Thanks to Tia)

Hamlet (2000) [Ophelia]: Drowned (off-screen) in an indoor fountain; her body is shown floating in the water afterwards.

O (2001) [Desi Brable]: Strangled by Mekhi Phifer in her dorm room.

Edmond (2005) [Glenna]: Accidentally slashed to death by William H. Macy during an argument in her bedroom, when he gestures wildly while holding a knife. We only see the blood splash onto William. (Her body is not shown in the actual film, but the DVD includes a deleted scene showing Julia dying on the bed.) (Thanks to Eric and Gerardo)

The Omen (2006) [Katherine Thorn]: Dies of an embolism when Mia Farrow injects an air bubble into Julia's IV in the hospital. (See also Lee Remick in the 1976 version.) (Thanks to Eric, Robert, David, Luisa, Paul, Jane, Steve  and Derek)

The Cry of the Owl (2009) [Jenny Thierolf]: Commits suicide by slitting her wrists while sitting under a tree outside her house. (Thanks to Vanessia and Mathew)
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