Julie Newmar (1933 - )
Mackenna's Gold (1969) [Hesh-Ke]: Falls off the edge of a mountainside trail while trying to force Camilla Sparv over the edge.

The Maltese Bippy (1969) [Carlotta Ravenswood]: Shot in the chest during a big stand-off. (Played for comic effect.) (Thanks to Energman and HH)

Columbo: Double Shock (1973) [Lisa Chambers]: Pushed off of a balcony by Martin Landau. (Thanks to Garrett)

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Flight of the War Witch Part 2 (1980) [Zarina]: Killed in an explosion when a portal shuts down while her ship is halfway through it. (Thanks to PortsGuy)
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Julie Newmar in 'The Maltese Bippy'