Juliette Binoche in 'Wuthering Heights' (1992)
Juliette Binoche (1964 - )
The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988) [Tereza]: Killed in a car accident (off-screen), along with Daniel Day-Lewis. We see a scene of Lena Olin reading a letter informing her of their deaths, followed by a flashback scene of Juliette and Daniel, leading up to the crash (though the scene fades to white before the actual accident).

Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights (1992) [Cathy Earnshaw Linton/Catherine Linton]: Dies shortly after childbirth (off-screen); her body is shown lying in her coffin afterwards, being visited first by Simon Shepherd and then by Ralph Fiennes. (To clarify: Juliette plays a dual role as both mother and daughter; the mother Cathy is the one that dies, while the daughter Catherine lives through the movie.) (See also Merle Oberon and Anna Calder-Marshall in the 1939 and 1970 versions.)
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