Juliette Lewis in 'Romeo Is Bleeding'
Juliette Lewis (1973 - )
Daughter of
Geoffrey Lewis
Sister of Dierdre Lewis and Lightfield Lewis
Ex-Mrs. Stephen Berra
Kalifornia (1993) [Adele Corners]: Killed off-screen (exact method unclear) by Brad Pitt; her body is shown lying on the ground after he leaves.

Romeo Is Bleeding (1993) [Sheri]: Shot in the back by Gary Oldman (who had been tricked into thinking he was shooting Lena Olin).

Natural Born Killers (1994) [Mallory Knox]: Although she survives the actual movie, the Director's Cut DVD includes a deleted alternate ending in which Juliette and Woody Harrelson are both shot to death by Arliss Howard. The scene cuts to black right after Arliss levels his shotgun at Juliette and fires.

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