Karen Kim in 'U.S. SEALS 2'
Karen Kim
Cover Me (1995) [Brandy]: Strangled (off-screen) by Stephen Nichols.  We don't see anything of the murder or her body; we are only informed of her death afterwards.

U.S. SEALS 2: The Ultimate Force (1999) [Kamiko/Nikki]: Killed off-screen (exact method unclear) by Damian Chapa. Her body is shown when Michael Worth hears her scream, rushes to the scene and discovers her. (Note: She plays a dual role in this film; the "Nikki" character dies early in the film, but "Kamiko" lives on through the rest of the movie.)

24: Episode 1 (2001) [Flight Attendant]: Killed (along with everybody else on board) in an off-screen explosion when Mia Kirshner activates a bomb on the airplane.  We only see a flash of light in the sky as Mia parachutes to safety.
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