Karina Arroyave in '24: Episode 10'
Karina Arroyave (1969 - )
24: Episodes 9 & 10 (2002) [Jamey Farrell]: Apparently commits suicide by slashing her wrists (off-screen) with the shards of a broken coffee mug.  She is shown afterwards (still alive) when Sarah Clarke and Carlos Bernard enter the room and discover her at the end of Episode 9.  Episode 10 begins with Karina being taken away by paramedics, and we're later informed that she died (off-screen).

24: Episode 24 (2002) [Jamey Farrell]: In this later episode, however, a security-camera recording shows what really happened: Karina's wrists were actually slashed by Sarah Clarke, who had first knocked Karina unconscious with a stun gun.
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