Karin Field in 'The Hunchback of Soho'
Karin Field
a.k.a. Karen Field
The Hunchback of Soho (Der Bucklige von Soho) (1966) [Policewoman]: Reportedly strangled by the killer with a telephone cord. (Thanks to Big O)

Psychopath (Mister Zehn Prozent: Miezen und Moneten; Sigpress contra Scotland Yard) (1968) [Priscilla Niorkos]: Killed (off-screen, exact method unclear) by Aldo Canti and/or Ingrid Schoeller in Karin's mansion. Her body is shown afterwards leaning against a wall in the hallway when George Martin discovers her (not realizing she's dead until she collapses).

The Demons (Les Demons; The Sex Demons; She-Demons) (1972) [Lady De Winter]: Reportedly turned into a skeleton by either Anne Libert or Britt Nichols through a pseudo-vampiric kiss/cunnilingus. (I haven't seen this movie; I vaguely remember reading a review mentioning Karin's death, though I can't recall whether it specified her killer's identity.)
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