Karin Schubert in 'Bluebeard' (1972)
Karin Schubert (1944 - )
Bluebeard (1972) [Greta]: Shot by Richard Burton while out hunting in the woods. Shown near the beginning in the movie, then again in a flashback (revealing that the "accident" was deliberate) near the end.  Her body is also shown lying in preparation for her funeral after the first scene.

The Girl in Room 2A (La Casa della paura) (1973) [character name unavailable]: Reportedly gets her throat slit by Raf Vallone. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but got the information from a magazine review/summary.) (Nudity alert: Topless)

Panther Squad (1984) [Barbara]: Disintegrated with a ray-gun fired by Sybil Danning.  Not only are the special effects really bad, but Karin is completely hidden behind a truck when the whole thing disappears.
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