Kari Wuhrer in 'Anaconda'
Kari Wuhrer (1967 - )
a.k.a. Kari Salin
Mrs. James Scura
Swamp Thing: Mist Demeanor (1992) [Abigail]: Killed by the toxic mist; her body then dissolves into nothingness. (Thanks to S. and Matt)

An Occasional Hell (1996) [Jeri Gillen]: Killed (off-screen) by Geoffrey Lewis and Don Tilley; her decomposed body is shown afterwards when her grave is exhumed. (Thanks to S. and Matt)

Anaconda (1997) [Denise Kalberg]: Strangled/neck snapped when Jon Voight puts her neck in a scissor-hold with his legs after he's been tied up on the boat. He then knocks her overboard, and her body is shown again later on when it resurfaces next to the anaconda. (Thanks to Vince, Matt, S., Jack, MainMan, Stephen, Germboygel, Denis and Manfred)

Hot Blooded (Hit & Run; Red Blooded American Girl II) (1997) [Miya]: Shot in the back by police while Kristoffer Ryan Winters is holding a gun on her, after she's taken Kristoffer's family hostage. (Thanks to S. and Aramon)

Kate's Addiction (Circle of Deception) (1999) [Kate McGrath]: Shot in the chest by Farrah Forke, after Kari attempts to rape Farrah. (Thanks to S. and Germboygel)

Angels Don't Sleep Here (2001) [Dr. April Williams]: Shot in the back by Robert Patrick while she's talking to Dana Ashbrook; she dies in Dana's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to S. and Matt)

King of the Ants (2003) [Susan Gatley]: Head bashed against the kitchen wall during a struggle with Chris McKenna. (Thanks to Matt)

General Hospital (Nov. 14, 2005) [Reese Marshall]: Fatally injured (with a punctured lung) in a train wreck, she dies in Maurice Bernard's arms some time afterwards. (I didn't see this episode, but got the information from both a tip and a soap-opera magazine.) (Thanks to Kristy)

Hellraiser: Deader (2005) [Amy Klein]: Commits suicide/sacrifices herself by stabbing herself in the chest so that her blood can destroy the Cenobites' puzzle box. (Thanks to Matt)

The Prophecy: Forsaken (2005) [Allison]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Jason Scott Lee, then falls from the rooftop. (Thanks to Matt)

CSI Miami: If Looks Could Kill (2006) [Janet Sterling]: Shot to death by Joelle Carter. (Thanks to Nick)
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