Kate Burton (with Robert Pattinson) before their off-screen deaths in 'Remember Me'
Kate Burton (1957 - )
Daughter of
Richard Burton and Sybil Williams
Stepdaughter of
Elizabeth Taylor
Mrs. Michael Ritchie
(stage director)
Stay (2005) [Mrs. Letham]: Killed in a car accident, along with Ryan Gosling and Bob Hoskins, shortly before the movie begins; it's eventually revealed that the entire movie is taking place in Ryan's mind as he's dying. (Thanks to Eric and ND)

Remember Me (2010) [Janine]: Killed (off-screen) in the 9/11 World Trade Center attack; we last see her talking to Robert Pattinson in Pierce Brosnan's office, before the camera pulls back from the window to reveal that the office is in the World Trade Center.
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