Katherine Helmond in 'The Spy Within'
Katherine Helmond (1928 - )
Shadey (1985) [Lady Constance Landau]: My memory of this movie is vague, but I believe she was bludgeoned to death by Patrick Macnee.

Lady in White (1988) [Amanda]: Garotted by Len Cariou; during the struggle, they knock over some candles, burning the house down. (Thanks to PortsGuy and Shadrach)

The Spy Within (The Flight of the Dove) (1994) [Dr. Pamela Schilling]: Throat slit (off-screen) by an assassin in her office; her body is shown afterwards (with her hands posed in a cat's-cradle) when Scott Glenn and Theresa Russell discover her.

Ms. Scrooge (1997) [Maude Marley]: Presumably dies of natural causes several years before the story begins, and appears as a ghost to Cicely Tyson. (I haven't seen this movie, but it is a gender-reversed version of A Christmas Carol.)

The Perfect Nanny (2000) [Mrs. McBride]: Stabbed to death by her daughter (Tracy Nelson). (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
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