Katherine La Nasa (with Wass M. Stevens) before her off-screen death in 'Kiss & Tell' (1996)
Katherine La Nasa (1966 - )
a.k.a. Katherine LaNasa Stewart
Dennis Hopper
Mrs. French Stewart
Kiss & Tell (1996) [Georgia Montauk]: Killed (off-screen, exact method unknown) by Michael Robert Brandon. We only see a scene of Wass M. Stevens ordering the hit; her death is confirmed in a later scene when Richmond Arquette confronts Wass about the murders. Her body is never shown.

NYPD Blue: Death by Cycle (2002) [Michelle Colohan]: Dies in childbirth (off-screen), due to injuries from an earlier beating by Nicholas Lea. We learn of her death afterwards when Michael Holden informs Charlotte Ross. (Thanks to Neil)
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