Katherine Woodville in 'It Takes a Thief: Project X'
Katherine Woodville (1938 - )
a.k.a. Kate Woodville
Patrick Macnee
Edward Albert
The Avengers: Hot Snow (1961) [Peggy]: Killed by drug smugglers. (Though I don't know the details, it's mentioned on Katherine's IMDB listing that she was the first person killed in the series.) (Thanks to Indrico)

Mission: Impossible: The Spy (1968) [Felicia Vabar]: Shot to death by Karl Swenson just after Katherine shoots Joseph Campanella. (Thanks to Indrico)

It Takes a Thief: Project X (1970) [Laurie MacGuire]: Shot in the stomach by a stray shot during a gunfight; she dies shortly afterwards while talking to Robert Wagner. (Thanks to Rowdy)
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