Kathleen Burke in 'Island of Lost Souls'
Kathleen Burke (1913 - 1980)
Island of Lost Souls (1933) [Lota, the Panther Woman]: Fatally injured in a struggle with Hans Steinke (whom she manages to kill in turn); she dies in Richard Arlen's arms shortly after he discovers her.

The Mad Game (1933) [Marilyn Kirk]: Killed (presumably off-screen) by J. Carrol Naish's thugs.

Murders in the Zoo (1933) [Evelyn Gorman]: Eaten by alligators after Lionel Atwill throws her into their pit at the zoo.

The Fighting Westerner (Rocky Mountain Mystery) (1935) [Flora Ballard]: Killed (presumably off-screen) by either George Marion Sr. or Mrs. Leslie Carter. (I don't know which of the two villains killed her, or how it was done.)
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