Kathleen Turner in 'Prizzi's Honor'
Kathleen Turner (1954 - )
The Man with Two Brains (1983) [Dolores Benedict Hfuhruhurr]: Given a lethal injection of window-cleaning fluid (off-screen) by Merv Griffin in an elevator. Her body is shown afterwards when Steve Martin discovers Merv standing over her, followed by a lengthy sequence of Steve carrying her body to David Warner's laboratory so he can bring her back to life (with a different brain).

Prizzi's Honor (1985) [Irene Walker Partanna]: Stabbed in the throat when Jack Nicholson throws a knife at her, while she's shooting at him.

The War of the Roses (1989) [Barbara Rose]: Killed (along with Michael Douglas) when the chandelier they're both hanging from crashes to the floor.

Monster House (2006; animated) [Constance]: Buried alive in wet cement when she falls into the foundation of the house after some teenagers throw rocks at her, in a flashback sequence; her ghost transforms the house into a living entity throughout the movie, and her skeleton is shown when the kids discover it. (Thanks to ND)
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