Katrin Cartlidge in 'From Hell'
Katrin Cartlidge (1961 - 2002)
The Weight of Water (2000) [Karen Christenson]: Strangled with a cloth by Sarah Polley, after first being beaten up with a chair. Her body is shown (along with Vinessa Shaw's) afterwards when Anders W. Berthelsen discovers them at the beginning of the movie, and the murders are finally shown in a flashback towards the end. (There is also a black & white sequence during Sarah's courtroom testimony, depicting the murders as being committed by Ciaran Hinds.) (Thanks to Palepoli)

From Hell (2001) [Annie Chapman]: Throat slit, then dissected (off-screen) by Ian Holm in an alley. Her body is shown afterwards when Johnny Depp and Robbie Coltrane investigate the crime scene.
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