Kay Harding (with Matthew Boulton and Basil Rathbone) in 'The Woman in Green'
Kay Harding (1924 - 1984)
a.k.a. Jackie Lou Harding
The Scarlet Claw (Sherlock Holmes and the Scarlet Claw) (1944) [Marie Journet]: Throat slashed (off-screen) with a garden claw by Gerald Hamer in the inn. We only see her hand when Nigel Bruce checks her pulse after Nigel and Basil Rathbone discover her; the rest of her body is out of camera frame.

The Woman in Green (Sherlock Holmes and the Woman in Green) (1945) [4th Victim]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) in a stairwell by an unidentified assailant (acting under Hillary Brooke's hypnotic control). Her body is shown afterwards in the morgue as Matthew Boulton and Basil Rathbone examine her. (Thanks to Stephen)
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