Kelly Lynch in 'Heaven's Prisoners'
Kelly Lynch (1959 - )
Heaven's Prisoners (1996) [Annie Robicheaux]: Shot in the chest by a couple of thugs while in bed; we hear the shots from outside, then her body is shown when Alec Baldwin rushes in and discovers her. Her body is shown again (more clearly this time) in a nightmare sequence later on.

Persons Unknown (1996) [Amanda]: Shot by one of the bank robbers as she tries to run away. (Thanks to AnnRK)

Cold Around the Heart (1997) [Jude Law]: Killed in an explosion when the gas station blows up, after being shot and wounded by David Caruso (whom she had just stabbed). (Thanks to Richard)

Charlie's Angels (2000) [Vivian Wood]: Killed in an explosion when Sam Rockwell fires a missile at his mansion while Kelly is fighting Cameron Diaz on the balcony; Cameron jumps to safety (along with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu) as the building blows up. (Thanks to Germboygel)

The Jacket (2005) [Jean Price]: Burned to death (off-screen) when she passes out with a lit cigarette in her hand; we learn of her death when Keira Knightley tells Adrien Brody. Her death is undone when Adrien goes back in time and leaves her a warning note. (Thanks to Alex)

Kaboom (2010) [Smith's Mom Nicole]: Killed (off-camera) in a car crash (along with all the other major characters) when they go over a collapsed bridge at the end of a chase. We only hear the crash after seeing close-ups of each person reacting in horror.
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