Kiersten Warren (1965 - )
Ex-Mrs. Jonathan Lemkin
Mother of Misti Traya
Independence Day (1996) [Tiffany]: Killed in an explosion when the aliens blow up the Los Angeles Library, where a crowd had gathered on the rooftop to greet them. (We see a close-up of Kiersten's face, followed by a shot of the building exploding).

Painted Hero (1996) [Teresa]: Dies (off-screen) of a drug overdose. Her body shown afterwards lying in the trunk of Dwight Yoakam's car with a wooden stake in her heart (driven in post-mortem in an attempt to frame Dwight for murder).

Desperate Housewives: Bang (2006) [Nora Huntington]: Shot by Laurie Metcalf while Laurie is holding several hostages in the grocery store; she dies shortly afterwards while talking to Felicity Huffman.
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Kiersten Warren in 'Painted Hero'