Kika Markham in 'Blade on the Feather'
Kika Markham (1942 - )
Daughter of David Markham
Sister of Petra Markham
Mrs. Corin Redgrave (widowed)
Stepmother of Jemma Redgrave
Two English Girls (Les Deux anglaises aux continent; Anne and Muriel; Two English Girls and the Continent) (1971) [Ann Brown]: Dies (off-screen) of tuberculosis. We last see her in bed asking for a doctor; her death is confirmed in the following scene of Philippe Leotard talking to Jean-Pierre Leaud. (Thanks to JBA)

Play for Today: Double Dare (1976) [Helen/Carol]: Playing a dual role as "Helen" in reality and "Carol" in the story-within-the-story, "Helen" is strangled (off-screen) by Alan Dobie as he narrates the murder of the fictional "Carol." Her body is shown afterwards when Alan looks over and sees her lying on the bed, discovering that his imaginary murder has come true.

Blade on the Feather (Deep Cover) (1980) [Linda Cavendish]: Strangled (off-screen) by Tom Conti in the shower. Her body is shown afterwards when Denholm Elliott carries her into the bedroom and covers her up. (Nudity alert: Topless)

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