Kim Cattrall in 'Above Suspicion' (1995)
Kim Cattrall (1956 - )
Midnight Crossing (1988) [Alexa Schubb]: Drowned after being knocked overboard from a boat. (Thanks to Richard)

Running Delilah (Robospy) (1994) [Delilah]: Shot to death by enemy agents; she is later brought back to life as a cyborg. (Thanks to Mihai)

Above Suspicion (The Rhinehart Theory) (1995) [Gail Cain]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Christopher Reeve as she holds a gun on him. The scene cuts away to show Finola Hughes being awakened by the shot (leading us to believe that Kim shot Christopher), but when it cuts back, we see Kim's body lying on the floor. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

Exception to the Rule (1997) [Carla Rainer]: Impaled on a fence after falling from a roof. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

Modern Vampires (Revenant) (1998) [Ulrike]: Stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake after being tied to a bed, while in her monstrous vampire form. (Thanks to Larry)

Any Human Heart (2010) [Gloria Scabius]: Dies (off-screen) of pancreatic cancer; her body is shown afterwards lying in bed when Jim Broadbent comes in and discovers that she's dead. (Thanks to Brian)
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