Kim Darby in 'Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers'
Kim Darby (1947 - )
Ex-Mrs. James Stacy
Gunsmoke: Vengeance Part 2 (1967) [Angel]: Fatally injured when a load of frieght falls on her while she's trying to get away from Royal Dano and Victor French; she dies shortly afterwards as Milburn Stone attempts to treat her. (Thanks to John)

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (Nightmare) (1973) [Sally Farnham]: Falls to her death after being dragged into a fireplace by supernatural creatures. (Thanks to Felecia)

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) [Debra Strode]: Hacked to death with an axe by Michael; we only see a splash of blood on a sheet during the murder. Her body is shown afterwards when Marianne Hagan discovers her hanging upside-down from the ceiling.
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