Kim Maree Penn in 'Supercop'
Kim Maree Penn's death in 'Supercop'
Kim Maree Penn
Fun and Fury (Chi qing kuai xu) (1991) [Blonde Killer]: Reportedly killed with a blow to the throat at the end of a martial-arts battle with the hero in a stream. (Thanks to Jimbo)

Queen's High (Hong fen zhi zun; In the Line of Duty: A Beginning) (1991) [Blonde Henchwoman]: Reportedly stabbed in the stomach with a broken flourescent light tube by Cynthia Khan, at the end of a martial-arts battle. (Thanks to Jimbo)

Supercop (Jing cha gu shi III: Chao ji jing cha; Police Story 3) (1992) [Blonde Gunwoman]: Machine-gunned by soldiers when they come around the corner during Kim's fight with Michelle Yeoh.

Ultimate Revenge (1995) [Killer]: Reportedly shot to death by her brother. (Thanks to MainMan)
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