Kim Miyori in 'The Punisher'
Kim Miyori (1951 - )
St. Elsewhere: Hello, Goodbye (1984) [Dr. Wendy Armstrong]: Commits suicide by taking a drug overdose. (Thanks to Felecia)

The Punisher (1989) [Lady Tanaka]: Stabbed in the forehead when Dolph Lundgren throws a knife at her while she's holding a young boy hostage.

Babylon 5: Severed Dreams (1996) [Captain Sandra Hiroshi]: Killed in an explosion when she deliberately crashes her badly-damaged ship into an enemy vessel. We see the entire ship explode from a distance, shortly after hearing her final radio transmission.

The Grudge 2 (2006) [Kayako's Mother]: Killed by the ghost of her daughter (Takako Fuji), when Takako appears while Kim is talking to Amber Tamblyn.
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