Kirsten Bishop
a.k.a. Kirsten Bishopric
Sailor Moon: A Reluctant Princess (1995; animated) [Zoicite]: Fatally wounded by Queen Beryl (voiced by Naz Edwards); she dies in the arms of Malachite (voiced by Dennis Akayama) shortly afterwards. (Note: The character Zoicite was male in the original Japanese version, but was voiced by Kirsten and presented as female in the English-dubbed version to eliminate the implications of homosexuality.) (Thanks to Bryan)

Jerry and Tom (1998) [Dead Blonde]: Smothered with a pillow by Joe Mantegna, after being shot in the stomach (off-screen) by Sam Rockwell while she was asleep in bed. The scene begins just after the shooting; throughout the scene, Sam and Joe believe she's already dead until she begins to stir, at which point Joe finishes her off by smothering her.

Sailor Moon: Jealousy's Just Reward (1998; animated) [Emerald]: Sucked into a vortex after transforming from a dragon back into her human form, after being defeated by Sailor Moon (voiced by Terri Hawkes). (Thanks to Bryan)

Frequency (2000) [Carrie Reynolds]: Strangled (off-screen) by Shawn Doyle; we only see a crime scene photo of her body afterwards. James Caviezel and Dennis Quaid later manipulate the timestream to prevent her murder from ever happening.

Sailor Moon: Birthday Blues Part 2 (2000; animated) [Kaorinite]: Knocked off of a ledge when Sailor Uranus (voiced by Sarah Lafleur) uses her "World Shaking Attack" on her. (The character returned in a subsequent episode, but it was stated that she was killed and brought back to life.) (Thanks to Paul)

Sailor Moon: Fiendish Ferns (2000; animated) [Telelu]: Eaten by her own carnivorous plant. (Thanks to Bryan and Paul)

Sailor Moon: Darkness My Old Friend (2000; animated) [Kaorinite]: Electrocuted when Mistress Nine (voiced by Susan Aceron) throws her against an electrified wall. (Thanks to Bryan and Paul)
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Kirsten Bishop/Bishopric in 'Jerry & Tom'